the last pictures of 2008!

spike and dawn
i finally finished organizing my very last batch of daily pics. i've had fun with this project and i'm thinking of continuing in 2009 though i might have more lax requirements and not require that i take one every single day. i also might not post them on my lj - just flickr and possibly facebook...we'll see. so far i've taken a photo each day of 09 so i can decide soon.

before the xmas eve service at phin's church.
december 24th:

matching onesies on xmas day!
december 25th:

i got new running gear for xmas and then used it.
december 26th:

we saw slumdog millionaire which i highly recommend.
december 27th:

we played trivial pursuit at my mom's and phin and i kicked mom and j's butts.
december 28th:

there were some birds in the trees - somehow this is all i photographed that day.
december 29th:

here's the main shopping street in my hometown, williamstown, ma.
december 30th:

on new year's eve we played guitar hero. and by "we" i mean phin and madmad. it turns out phin has a talent for and an addiction to guitar hero. they played until 4:30 am - yikes.
december 31st:

i finished!!! i'm proud of myself.

Jan. 4th, 2009

liz lemon
i don't have all my 2008 pictures uploaded yet because we're still traveling, but i took them all and they're waiting. here are a few more from december:

downtown denver in the early morning.
december 18th:

getting gas at 7-11 late at night.
december 19th:

lights on a tree in wash park while xmas shopping.
december 20th:

me double fisting some diet cokes at the rock bottom brewery in broomfiled.
december 21st:

the creche at the denver city and county building (yes, the tax dollar jesus shrine).
december 22nd:

the book phin and i made for my mom for xmas. it's a book of her poetry.
december 23rd:

did you miss me?

liz lemon
i think this is the longest i've gone without posting my pictures. sorry for the delay - i think i'm getting a little sick of this project. but, fear not! i'm still taking my photos and i'm finishing the year. i'm going to put them under a cut tag because there are too darn many of them not to.

i took off from work the day we left for massachusetts for thanksgiving and had a nice walk in cheesman park while phin had a church meeting.

november 26th:

we got into logan at 5am on thanksgiving and surprised our friends when they arrived at the rents house a few hours later. we ate some really yummy food for dinner.

novemebr 27th:

come check out the rest of the pics!Collapse )

pictures as usual

last week i had to go to LA for a couple days for work. this is the view of the rocky mountains from my plane window. it was strange to fly west out of dia. the plane turned and faced the mountains to take off - i'm used to flying east.

november 18th:

LA has palm trees and blue skies.

november 19th:

then i came home and we ate tacos for dinner...mmm.

november 20th:

the next night we watched season 2 of project runway in our cozy bed while eating mac and treese.

november 21st:

the shadow on our neighbor's house from our bedroom window.

novemebr 22nd:

on the way to church there were a lot of birds on the stop light.

november 23rd:

i knit a new scarf on sunday and monday. i wanted something fluffy and light so i went through our giant, messy pile of yarn and dug up this pretty stuff.

novemebr 24th:

tonight i had acupuncture and took a picture of my shadow after the appointment.

november 25th:

we've got a pretty low key thanksgiving planned - i'll be sure to take lots of pictures though! happy t-day to all of you!

the last week

liz lemon
phin's concert!
november 10th:

phin as monkey.
november 11th:

dinner: spaghetti and "meat" balls and kale.
november 12th:

a really cool moon on the way home.
november 13th:

one other shot of the moon behind clouds from outside our house.

and then it snowed!
november 14th:

anti-prop 8 rally at the denver city and county building.
november 15th:

how cute are bob and joe?

a cool shadow on the sidewalk.
november 16th:

november 17th:

the final few

my computer hates me right now - i've opened too many pictures and now everything's all freezy. but i'm pretending that someone out there cares and making myself post the final pictures before bed.

so the day after the election i was very happy and very tired. we only had to go into work for a couple hours so i scheduled a hair cut in the afternoon. this is the before picture.

november 5:

turns out that i got the most subtle haircut of my life. no one noticed it was different...i barely noticed. but i actually think it's still a good cut. i told her i was growing it so she didn't take length off but she did cut a lot of the thickness out to make the curls springier. this is a slightly unflattering picture of the side of my head to show said curls. you can see that not much else changed about the cut.

november 6:

on friday i had a comp day and i went to boulder with phin. while she met with students (who ended up standing her up!) i went on a horrible run - uphill against incredibly strong wind. i finished it and felt all wheezy instead of energized. we made it better by going to the vegan fast food joint which we've only been to once before. it wasn't spectacular, but quite tasty.

november 7:

we learned of new vegan cupcakes in denver so i tracked them down. they're from a shop on colfax that sells cupcake merchandise, lots and lots of cupcakes (only a few vegan, but they're supposed to get more flavors soon) and cereal! they have a cereal bar which i think is brilliant and phin thinks is a silly waste of money. you can pick your cereal and pick your milk (they even have almond and rice in addition to soy and cow) and it sounds so. satisfying. i love cereal but rarely eat a whole box so i don't buy it much. and i don't buy sugary ones but i love them - one or two bowls of fruit loops sounds about perfect to me. i'm going to have to get someone else to go with me because i don't know if phin will. anyway, i bought two cupcakes and they were beautiful and delicious. the frosting was hardly sweet at all which i really liked.

november 8:

bonus pic for yesterday - phin and chloe "playing."

this morning i drove to sloan's lake for a run and saw this amazingly low gas price. i really didn't think it would get that low again.

novemebr 9:


here's our banner with some lit stacks.

november 1:

that day i went canvassing and saw this crazy halloween house:

a coworker and some people from other orgs jumping.

november 2:

on the 2nd and 3rd i stayed back at the office with a few others to do adminy things with the turf and walk lists while everyone else canvassed. i guess it was boring enough that i didn't take any pictures of campaign stuff on the 3rd. this is the only shot i had from monday - getting my flask ready for the election night party so i didn't have to buy anything at the bar.

november 3:

this is most of the canvassers right before they left for the final day of canvassing and electioneering.

november 4:


i'm alive!

liz lemon
whew, the election almost ate me alive. i worked a whole lot leading up to the big day and i'm just starting to be unexhausted. but we did really well! of the 5 amendments we were working to defeat, we defeated 4 including the 3 most important. colorado is the first state to reject the anti-worker "right to work" law since the early 70s and we're the first state EVER to defeat ward connerly's anti-affirmative action amendment since it passed as prop 209 in california. we also defeated an amendment that would have given rights to fertilized eggs and another anti-labor amendment that would have prohibited union dues deductions from paychecks. i'm very pleased with our work. the one that passed is about the ability of union officials and their families to make political contributions. there were a bunch of other amendments on the ballot (the longest ballot in colorado's history) some of which failed/passed and shouldn't have but i'm not too upset about them.

here's the first installment of my picture catchup.

i designed all the literature for my org's election canvass and final four get-out-the-vote canvass. this is a new role for me but i loved it - i wish it was my all-the-time job. our final four was about 250-350 canvassers (depending on the day) and we were supposed to go to about 80,000 doors. we didn't get to all those doors - we had a LOT of lit leftover - but it was still exciting. i designed three flyers that were essentially the same but different colors. this picture is of fronts of the tuesday piece and the weekend piece which we had just gotten back from the printers. the monday piece was a little different and not back from the printers yet because we lasered people's vote centers onto it. the tuesday piece also had a tear-off ballot guide to take to the polls.

october 27th:

the next day i went with the food committee to costco and safeway to buy some of the non-perishible food. this is just some of the soda we bought for the canvass.

october 28th:

on wednesday i spent most of the day "cutting turf" for the final four. this is basically cutting out the walk lists for the canvassers using a voter database. the map populates with your search criteria (voters under 50 who voted in the last election, or whatever you want) and you quite literally draw a box around voters on a map in a given precinct. we were trying to make chunks of 100 voters. all those little dots in the middle of the map are registered voters. it's easy and pretty boring and i did it until late on wednesday - here's the computer i was working on.

october 29th:

after cutting the turf, we print and label and then make packets for the canvassers to carry with their script and other stuff. this is a tiny bit of the turf all laid out ready to be processed. this is what i did until quite late at night on thursday.

october 30th:

friday was halloween! i didn't have time to come up with a costume this year, but i did have time to make some kitty ears and tape them onto a headband.

october 31st:

and bonus picture for the 31st, some of the weekend lit all bundled and waiting for the canvassers.

i'll be back with round two shortly!

the last week +

it's oatmeal season again!
october 18th:

this is the stained glass at phin's church.
october 19th:

these are the things i put out by my computer before bed if i'm going running the next morning: ipod, house key, 2 tissues. i usually also have some water in my bottle so i can drink a little before i head out the door. i put my clothes and shoes out in the bedroom.
october 20th:

we've been getting more rain and storms lately. i had a doctor's appointment last week and the wind was blowing like crazy afterwards. i ended up downtown in the middle of a big thunder and lightening storm. but it stopped pretty abruptly. this is an attempt to photograph the wind blowing leaves around on colfax before the storm.
october 21st:

bonus pic for the 21st - hope_persists stayed with us on monday night as she made her way across the country. i totally failed to take pictures which is annoying but we had a good time at watercourse and watching project runway. this is hp and phin before we all left for either work, school or western colorado.

for the first time ever we put yard signs up in our yard. there are some evil ballot initiatives in colorado this year. 46 is anti-affirmative action, 47 is "right to work," 49 is "paycheck protection" (which means workers couldn't have their union dues deducted from their paychecks) and 54 would prohibit unions or anyone else with a government contract from making political contributions. also on the ballot but not in our yard (because i don't know where to get the sign) is 48 which would grant personhood rights to a fetus. how did we end up in this state??! there are actually a ton of other amendments too, but these are the worst.
october 22nd:

i went to an anti-47, 49 and 54 press conference/rally where denver's mayor and colroado's governor spoke in opposition to these amendments. the firefighters came in their cool antique truck.
october 23rd:

my sweetie in the target parking lot.
october 24th:

yesterday phin surprised me with tickets to the last day of the arvada center's run of les mis! if you've been reading you might remember that we saw it during preview and i love, love, loved it. it was the best surprise - i'm so lucky! <3 unfortunately, randal keith, the big-wig actor who came in from nyc to play val jean broke his foot pretty badly a few weeks into the run and so we didn't get to see him again. he was truly amazing. the replacement guy was good too but nothing compares to randal!

after the show we drove to boulder for dinner. we caught the tail end of an amazing sunset at the lookout over boulder.
october 25th:

i'm heading into a long week and a half of election work and phin is preparing for a concert next weekend, among other stuff. so we (and by we, i really mean phin) made a giant pot of chili to eat all week. these are the spices sitting on top of the beans before they all got stirred into chili. i just sampled the finished product and it is tasty!
october 26th:

from my car

spike and dawn
sometimes i take a lot of pictures of the kitties, sometimes i take a lot of pictures from my car.

this is heading to work on wednesday. i stopped at sloan's lake on the way down sheridan because it was a pretty morning.

october 15th:

after working until ELEVEN PM (ok, 10:45, but still) so i could finish designing the "get out the vote" literature on wednesday, i left work early on thursday. this is kind of an attempt to show my car clock but really it's just a bad picture (also the only one from thursday, so it has to be the pic of the day).

october 16th:

last night phin and i went to the panic at the disco concert in broomfield. this is before the show, waiting to turn into the parking lot. those are the rockies in the background.

october 17th:

kitties in the house!

liz lemon
sometimes i go through kitty phases with my pictures because i forget to take a picture until the end of the day. i'm going through such a phase now, so bear with me.

on the 12th i finished making a new scratching post for the kitties. it's almost exactly like their old one but i had some leftover materials so i made another. i want to expand this one some but i'm not sure how. i accidentally bought a thinner base so it's a bit wobbly - i have to fix that. the kitties aren't sure about the whole thing yet.

anyway, i tried to make the carpet tape stick by putting some weight on it. this is the holy koran, a bible and some maple syrup, among other things, since i don't have clamps. i think it did the trick but i might have to nail it down too.

october 12th:

here's a bonus of chloe on saturday testing out the post before i finished attaching the sisal.

and a bonus of stella on top (we put her up there).

yesterday stella was very needy and wanted to be in my lap. i think it's because it's been so cold.

october 13th:

and tonight chloe was taking the most adorable nap while we watched heroes.

october 14th:

Oct. 12th, 2008

liz lemon
tuesday i had acupuncture - this is on my way, heading north on federal before getting on 70 west.
october 7th:

phin's favorite condiment.
october 8th:

sunset in our neighborhood as i got home from work.
october 9th:

one of chloe's favorite hobbies is sitting on things we leave on the floor. chloe on backpacks.
october 10th:

yesterday was a freezing cold, drizzly day. this is one of our late-blooming roses all covered in rain.
october 11th:


liz lemon

6Oct08, originally uploaded by saltychip.

this is what i see almost every day when i exit route 6 at sheridan going to work. this is looking up at 6 west.

the weekend

liz lemon
on saturday night my friend, b, and i went to elitch garden's so we could go on the rides at night. there were a lot of teens making out in the park. it was fun though we both felt a little sick after riding the swings. this is the ferris wheel which, oddly, was the longest line we waited in all night.

october 4th:

this morning was the "standing on the side of love" service at phin's church. actually, it wasn't at her church, rather at the state capital building. it was all about the gays. my picture of the day is my flower for the flower communion with the program, but i'll also include a cute one of phin conducting. for those of you interested, there are more from the service here.

october 5th:

phin conducting:

also, here's another bonus shot of people picking out their new flowers after having deposited their original flowers on the capital steps for the communion.

pictures from the last week

liz lemon
a week ago today phin and i went out in search of apples to pick. we didn't find any :( colorado just isn't massachusetts - all the apples here grow on the western slope which is far away. we did find some cute farm stands though. this is phin picking out some mini-pumpkins.

september 27th:

here's a bonus shot of some of the veggies:

and another of the really yummy salad i had for dinner that night at the new(ish) vegetarian restaurant in boulder, leaf.

phin trying to fix my leaky water bottle.

september 28th:

chloe demanding dinner.

september 29th:

this is a picture of our fabulous acupuncture place after my appointment on tuesday. phin and i LOVE our acupuncturist and the whole place is so wonderful - they treat you in a communal room to cut down on costs and it's very affordable. <3

september 30th:

on the first, i protested the bailout during my lunch hour.

october 1st:

here's a shot of the kitties sitting as close as they ever sit to each other. they were captivated by a squirrel. i call these moments, desperate house cats.

october 2nd:

on friday we had veggie burgers and oven fries with asparagus for dinner - yum.

october 3rd:


liz lemon

26Sept08, originally uploaded by saltychip.

i've expanded my diet from broth and rice to include millet toast, miso soup and butternut squash soup. it is strange to eat such a diverse diet. this is the toast i had with dinner with a bit of earth balance on top. oh, i also had some soy pudding today!


this is the stuff that sits on top of our toilet in the bathroom. it's not all always there. we somehow have 5 toothbrushes, not sure why.

the last week

liz lemon
here are the pictures from the last week.

the picture on my work calendar this month.
september 17th:

chloe in the backyard on our new used lawn furniture.
september 18th:

our landlord is getting our house painted and this is a 'before' shot.
september 19th:

this is what mall parking lots look like in colorado.
september 20th:

part of a sign in downtown denver.
september 21st:

chloe getting a good nap in.
september 22nd:

the brush and tree limbs the painters removed before they could start painting.
september 23rd:

i've had an upset stomach for a few days so i've been eating bland. basically my diet consists of rice and broth. here's today's lunch clockwise from the crackers: rice crackers, almond cheese (not rice!), congee (rice porridge), broth, rice to go in the broth and broth powder in the middle to make the boxed broth tastier. it actually wasn't so bad. i look forward to eating ruffage again, though.
september 24th:


liz lemon

16Sept08, originally uploaded by saltychip.

Sept 16th.

We wore blue hoodies and then we went to bed.


liz lemon

15Sept08, originally uploaded by saltychip.

Sept 15
i went for a walk yesterday evening (and i happened to end up at safeway and happened to walk out of there with some fudgsicles) and took this picture of the church near our house.

you know you missed me!

sept. 7th:
i helped my friend, ben, pack up his moving van :(

sept. 8th:
we had a lot of quality computer time before bed.

sept. 9th:
this is how the park near our house looks when i go for my morning walk.

and because i like these pictures so much, here are a couple bonus shots.Collapse )

sept 10th:
i had to canvass for work and the sun was going down and making pretty shadows.

sept 11th:
we both had bad days so we got takeout and watched lost.

sept 12th:
it rained!

sept 13th:
we spent many hours cleaning the house including some organizing projects. phin organized all the cds using our new bookshelf that ben gave us - it was no small task. and now it looks so tidy!

sept 14th:
tonight we went to see les mis in arvada. it was fabulous!!! i love, love, love les mis and this was a really good production for the most part. it was hard not to sing along and it took a few songs before i stopped smiling out of excitement. i wasn't allowed to take photos but i snuck this one of the stage at intermission.

three, four, five, six!

liz lemon
september 3:

september 4:

september 5:

september 6:

take that!

liz lemon
yesterday phin and i cleaned out our shoes (and she cleaned out all her clothes too). we each got rid of about half of our shoe collection. i'm a pack rat so i tend to hang onto all my shoes and clothes long past the time i stop wearing them. this summer i basically wore flip flops every day so it's hard to justify quite so many shoes. here's my collection before the purge.

september 1st:

today was in the 60s! i wore a sweater and long pants. as much as i love summer, it was really nice to feel the cool air.

september 2nd:

the rest!

liz lemon
holy crap, organizing all these pictures just took hours! mostly because i took so many at the DNC protests and that took a lot of sorting. here goes - catch up again.

phin and i and a couple of friends went to the anti-war marches on sunday right before the dnc kick off. the cop presence was absurd. here are some, ready to make arrests. there were about 160 protests arrested during the dnc, most on monday.

august 24th:

more picsCollapse )


liz lemon
i'm not even going to lament my slackitude. here are the pictures from august 15th-23rd:

you people on the coasts might not understand, but rain is a BIG DEAL here. it hadn't rained for more than an hour - if that - in ages. but on the 15th and 16th it rained for TWO DAYS! we've lived here for three years and i can't think of another time it rained for two whole days. it was amazing and wonderful.

august 15th:

august 16th:

come see the rest of the picsCollapse )

let's just get current, ok?

liz lemon
ok, only four days since i've been back - i can catch up and just be caught up for once! let's do it. that ny post and organizing all the photos just took hours but i haven't been doing too many exciting things this week so it shouldn't take so long.

i got back to a conference call on monday night. i was going to erase this photo and use another one i took of me on the phone, but phin loves it. she likes how emo/myspace it is. so i'm slightly embarrassed but posting it anyway.

august 11th:

i voted in the local election on tuesday. the ballot initiative i was voting against passed which really sucks. it's an anti-immigrant ordinance that has horrible implications for racial profiling.

august 12th:

olympics time! i wasn't impressed with how they tuck gymnastics after all the boring sports like beach volley ball. i did get in some synchronized diving though. i'd never heard of it but it's pretty cool. i like how the divers do better depending on how communistic their countries are.

august 13th:

for the second time this week phin made this delicious creamy tomato sauce (creamy from cashews) from a recipe i found on the vegan yumyum blog. it was SO good.

august 14th:

i'm all caught up - where's my prize?!


liz lemon
here are some of the pics from my trip!

on sunday d picked me up from the airport and took me to the amazing fairway market in brooklyn. we didn't have nearly enough time to look around - it was huge! i LOVE supermarkets so i could have spent ages there.

we ate a snack on their patio and got to look out at the beautiful water to the statue of liberty. the weather was gorgeous and i was happy.

august 3rd:

the next day d & l took off work to hang out with me. we went to lower manhattan and walked around, did a little shopping and had a great time. this is d & l reading the plaque at the site of the triangle shirtwaist factory fire. i don't know why they're so amused.

august 4th:

click for bonus pictures of the 4th and the rest of the days!Collapse )

Aug. 13th, 2008

liz lemon
holy crap, am i a picture-a-day delinquent! as usual, i've been taking the pictures just not posting. i just got back from a fabulous week in new york which put me even farther behind picture-wise. in this post i plan to catch up for the days before i left on my trip.

I made the new york times chocolate chip cookies recipe (which i veganized) which has been getting so much attention. they were amazingly good. july 23rd:

want to see july 24th-august 2?Collapse )

july 19-22

liz lemon
i made brownies on july 19th:

on the 20th i watched some tv on my computer. i can't even remember what show that was...

on the 21st there was mouth wash:

july 22nd i made pizza for dinner.


somehow i let almost 2 weeks go by without posting pictures of the day. i'll pick up where i left off with july 6th.

we went up to estes park to meet d & l who had gotten up really early to go on an ambitious hike. phin and i drove up there in time for a nice drive in the national park, a little walking around, some coffee, dinner and mini golf. we stayed in their koa cabin that night. it was a nice mini-vacation.

this is in rocky mountain national park, july 6th.

the rest of the photos are here.Collapse )

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